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Fences and Decks

GCL Services can install any number of different types of fences and decks.  Wooden privacy fences, brick, stone or metal are all available.  Just let us know what you need and we can design and build it for you.

Mosquito Control

Don't let mosquitoes keep you from enjoying your yard!  Keep your yard safe with our all natural, pet and family friendly misting system.


Trees are the anchors of any landscape project and whether it is a maple tree for shade or a palm tree to give your yard that tropical resort feel, big or small, we can take care of you.  So if you would like a small tree with room to grow or if you need a large tree for instant gratification, no problem.  We can even special order specimen trees to add that special look to your yard.  Be the first on your block to have that unique quality in your landscape.

Tree Removal

One of our primary services is complete tree removal.  You can be assured that every job will have total attention to detail and will be finished exceeding the customer's specifications.  With roughly fifteen years experience, we use various techniques in insure every job will be safely completed in a timely, and professional manner.  We have lifts, cranes and climbers at our disposal, all of which allows for the lowest chance of property damage and injury while providing the customer with the quickest and most efficient method of tree removal.  Being Tapco insured, we give the customer peace of mind with a $1,000,000 policy and while we have never filed a claim, you can rest easy being assured you are completely covered.

Waste Debris Removal

With various ways for waste debris removal, we can work with any customer to help them decide which alternative will better serve their needs.


We also offer partial and complete demolition.  Heavy machinery can be used to remove buildings, structures, and other materials.


Everyone knows, once you have got it, you have got to maintain it.  So, by popular demand we will be increasing our maintenance program this year, catch up with us to take care of the yard we put in, or the yard you have now.  We will make sure that it gets all of the TLC it needs and help you spot potential trouble well in advance so you can "nip it in the bud" while it is both cost effective and the damage has been minimal.  More Maintenance -->

Need More?

While this has covered the basics of our main services, we can cover almost any of your outdoor needs.  Consultations to clean-ups, maintenance to mulch-if you have an outdoor problem, we should be able to help you.  And if we can't, we will be happy to find someone who can.  We will do our part to take care of your landscaping needs, so you can do yours — ENJOY!

For more information, contact Gulf Coast Landscaping Services, Inc.

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