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We can help you with all aspects of your outdoor landscape.  We can help you design and install a new landscape, or help you sod all or part of your yard.  We specialize in remodels, and giving that old yard new life.  As far as home improvements go, it is a known fact that with landscaping you get the "most bang for your buck" and your are most likely going to be able to recoup the money directly at the sale of the house.  And who could place a value on the enjoyment you and our family receive from enjoying your very own backyard paradise.  At Gulf Coast Landscaping it is our goal to help you minimize the cost while maximizing the benefits.

So just what are these benefits?

  • Increased the value and salability of your home
  • Lower  maintenance and increased pleasure factor
  • Add to the "useable" space of your home by integrating smoothly the in-and the out- doors

How do we accomplish this?

Teamwork.  All teams have players and all players have different skills.  In order to provide you with the best service possible we let every member of our team shine in his or her own field.  We have taken the time to put together some of the most knowledgeable people in the area to work together for you; integrating there skills for one common goal.   Failure is not and option when you combine this with our four step plan for project success:

Excellent Design
With  over 12 years of combined design and nursery experience, our designers are extremely knowledge about al types and varieties of local plants and their characteristics.  Most importantly, however, they have a unique knack for being able to help you discover how to match these plants with what you are looking for in an outdoor living space.
Quality Plants and Sod
All of our plants are hand picked and nurseries grown here locally.  Our sod is also grown locally and comes from the best source we can find.  almost all of our materials come from exclusive relationships.  We only purchase quality, so you only get quality.
Professional installation
If we were to a hallmark step, this would be it.  No matter what the job our installation teams have the tools and the knowledge necessary to complete the job.  Using extra steps in each preparation for and planting, laying sod in our own uniquely developed pattern, and finishing each job with those few extra special steps helps us give each job that extra spark.
Outstanding Follow-up
Never be alone with your yard again!  We will continue to help you through the year as learn to take care of and get the most out of your lawn and landscaping.  If you have questions call, if not we will periodically stop by and check to make sure everything is looking OK.  Most of our customers have been our customers since we first started working together.

Who have we done this for?

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