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Outdoor Lighting
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Although it is just beginning to gain popularity in this area.  Lighting can provide that final dramatic touch to you landscape.  We can help give you an outdoors that is uniquely you and can be enjoyed just as much (if not more) at night as in the day.

Why outdoor lighting?

  • makes your house beautiful day and night
  • give your house a uniqueness from the house around it
  • provides a larger evening outdoor area to enjoy

How do we accomplish this?

Teamwork.  All teams have players and all players have different skills.  In order to provide you with the best service possible we let every member of our team shine in his or her own field.  We have taken the time to put together some of the most knowledgeable people in the area to work together for you; integrating there skills for one common goal.   Failure is not and option when you combine this with our four step plan for project success:

Excellent Design
With  over 9 years of lighting design experience, our designer is experienced in all types of indoor, outdoor and theatrical lighting and effects.  He can help your add that extra drama to your yard for that next outdoor nighttime party, or add subtlety to provide a relaxing evening place to enjoy.
Quality Lighting Materials
Purchased from only top quality national lighting manufacturers.  Our lights are guaranteed to be durable, weather resistant and to give you years of excellent service.  While the  incredible varieties ensure you the ability to add something uniquely you to your nightscape.
Professional installation
With over six years of light installation experience the installation team will blow you away with there novel approaches to get lighting just where the designer placed.
Outstanding Follow-up
Got light!  We will continue to help you through the year as learn to take care of and get the most out of your lighting system.  If you have questions call, if not we expect an invitation to that next nighttime party!

Who have we done this for?

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